The path of life has taken me exactly where I want to be.

Because I take every opportunity given to me, the path is winding,

because I always choose the harder path, it is full of ups and downs...

I am always facing new challenges, so

I am filled with new experiences that enrich me...

but the more I know, the more I realize that I know nothing.

Today I am who I am.

I know what I want to do and what I do, I do with all my heart! "

guide Nika Š.

Through my time ... everything that builds me, strengthens me, and makes me happy!

1990 . Opportunity

Scouts. Ingenuity, socializing, playfulness.

Dog Alf . Determination, friendship.

Swimming. Power.

Snorkeling. Intransigence.

Living with horses. Focus, patience, Calmness

Friends. Fun.

Dog Chark. Happiness

Rock climbing. Perseverance.

Climbing. Crossing one's own boundaries

Kayak. Courage.

Bike. Action, reaction.

Travels. Research.

From old furniture to new. Creating.

Plants and herbs. The body.

Cooking. Taste, smell, look ... pleasure!

Sewing. Relaxation.

Little girl and mother Jaka.

Infinite Love and Mission!




Finding myself Gimnazija Nova Gorica

Working with people, discipline Working in catering

Expertise   Study at FDV: Sociology and Personnel Management.

Work organization, creativity. Preparation of themed parties.

Activity and innovation. Restaurant management.

Networking and sales. Fieldwork in sales

Acceptance, learning.   Tourist guides around the world.

Creation ... commitment to Team building companies


Grounding!   HERE AND NOW

20200307_094954 - Copy.jpg
NEW WIND 2021!

More than ever, it’s important to stop, to breathe, to look around, to think and start again, or from where we left off. But better in every way ... more coordinated, patient, compassionate, conscious, determined, present, kind, happy ... happier...

We will stand out better than our ancestors did a million times before. It is important that we stand firmly on the ground, re-lay the foundations on which we will build the future!

The revolution is in us, in our relationships with our surroundings, in our perception of the meaning of our own lives, and our contribution to the “new” world.

Turist guide