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Essential Oils

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  Creative, organizational, mental, connecting, fun team building  

Close your eyes and smell! What do you all smell?

Participants are divided into groups. They have three tasks ahead of them.


In the first task, each group receives essential oils and general instructions for making a perfume. First of all, the members want to get to know the scents, play with the combinations. They choose which scents will make up their perfume. They create perfume.


In the second part, the team receives materials to create the image of the perfume… What will be the name of the perfume to whom is it intended,…


In the third part, the teams want to create a perfume commercial… Within the team, they choose a director, music, actors and prepare a 30s commercial, which they then play to the rest of the company.


Are you up for the challenge?

Strengthens: Teamwork, organization, leadership, communication, decision making, responsibility, cooperation, creativity, innovation, time management ...

10-50 people

3-4 hours