Team building ideas


Fun, connecting, educational team building

TB participants will be divided into mixed teams that will compete with each other in the challenges of "Living in harmony with nature"… It is a small competition between teams that encourages individuals and teams to work as harmoniously as possible and to pursue a common goal. The workshops are led by experienced collaborators in their field.


Teams will have 5 fun and educational workshops that include the challenges of the competition:

  1. Getting to know herbs and trees on the Banjska plateau. A walk with the herbalist and picking herbs for tea.

2. Survive in nature Teams will learn to set up a bivouac from tents and prepare a fire for lighting with matches.


3. Archery How to hold a bow, how to place an arrow, how to hit a target? Who will be the best?


4. Visit to the cheese factory with bicycles The teams will cycle to the farm with an 18th-century house that has a 20-year tradition of cheese-making. Cheese tasting .


5. Horse Riding Participants will learn the basics of handling horses. Are you ready to ride on the back of this mighty animal.

Strengthens: Team spirit, organization, responsibility, cooperation, time management, creativity, goal tracking, finding solutions

10-50 people

5-7 hours


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